Sunday, September 28, 2008

I Pay Attention

I guess I'm the last person to realize that Carla Jean from "No Country for Old Men"

is Kelly Macdonald, the same actress that played the young Diane in "Trainspotting".

Or at least, I'm the last person that's read "Trainspotting", watched it a dozen times, watched "No Country" twice, read "No Country", and glanced at her IMDB profile all without making the connection.


Floyd said...

I didn't realize it either, although I've only seen Trainspotting once. She does full frontal in that, right?

Should I read "No Country?"

dn said...

I believe the full frontal belongs to Ewan instead.

I recommend reading NCFOM. There's a lot in the book about Sheriff Ed Tom, his backstory, his thoughts -- text that makes the last 20 minutes of the movie more easily understood.