Sunday, September 21, 2008

Whatchu Talkin' Bout, Ellis?

I've mentioned this before, but a new advertising blitz during the Olympics has made it relevant again.

Mikey Phelps and his celebrity pals would like you to pony up $250 million or so to fix up some of the old buildings on Ellis Island. They already have a huge immigration museum, but they want to rehab the old hospital and other old buildings to create a conference center.

A conference center on an island accessible only by boat.

Hey, American hero swimmer: why don't you ask those poor, hard-working immigrants -- those huddled masses that risked everything for the American dream -- a question.

"Do you think we should spend $250 million to renovate the old shack where you were deloused?"

I guarantee that none of them would give a shit. And neither do I. Dick.


adrienne said...

more like an advertising fumble.

(oh! copywriter at work!)

Gav said...

Coincidently, the island is also accessible by swim.

dn said...

Are you mocking the copy or the photo? The photo is pretty weak. "Okay, Mr. Phelps, imagine you just saw a homeless man get hit by a garbage truck. There! Perfect! Hold that look."

And wouldn't he have had his "opportunities" even if his family never floated over to the US? Aren't the Olympics multinational?

lindsey said...

So I'm guessing you don't want to go to Ellis Island....?

Floyd said...

Lindsey and Adrienne -

Find me a job. And let me live with you.

dn said...

Yeah, I'll pass on Ellis Island. I've been there inside Grand Theft Auto IV, anyway, so it's practically the same thing.