Monday, October 13, 2008

Jesus, Resurrected

Another trip to the antique mall with Kim, another impossibly odd painting of Jesus captured with my cell phone.

Jesus is giving you that look. You don't want to drive him all the way across town to the mall (so he can hang at the arcade with Josh, and maybe -- hopefully! -- run into Melissa Sandstrom and her girlfriends at the fountain outside of Hot Topic), but he's a good kid and he DID finish his math homework, so what's a parent to do? "Okay, Jesus, grab your coat and get in the Camry."

You made the right move, Dad.

Jesus earned his leisure time. Plus, you know, he'll be dead by 33, so fuck it. LIVE FOR TODAY, JESUS!

1 comment:

casey elizabeth said...

Jesus is having forehead issues. He should maybe consider bangs.