Sunday, November 16, 2008

Punctuation Names For Girls


PROS: Urban. Progressive.

CONS: Other kids would call her "Hymen".

Em Dash

PROS: "Em" is like "Emma", which is currently popular.

CONS: Other kids would call her "Mrs. Dash", if that condiment still exists, and if kids are exposed to those advertisements.

En Dash

PROS: None.

CONS: Everything. The very concept is absurd.


PROS: Sexy. Sounds European, or possibly African. (Senegal, probably.)

CONS: Long. Sounds like "A Pa's Trophy".


PROS: Classic.

CONS: It's a boy's name.


Jenny said...

Are you trying to name my baby? I told you I've got it under control...

dn said...

I'm helping.