Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Red State

Matt works with very conservative people of varying ignorance in a conservative city in a strongly Republican state. I texted Matt this morning to gauge the post-election situation:

DN: What's the mood at [redacted]?

MATT: Pretty grim. Or funny. Depends on how you look at it.

(Five hours later...)

MATT: Let me put it to you this way. The assassination jokes are getting old and they were not that funny to begin with.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dan

Just wanted to update you on the work situation. A grand total of two of us voted for Obama. Me and another dude. Unless there is a closet Obama supporter I haven't discovered yet. But let's face it, that is highly unlikely. The rest of the day was spent musing about possible Republican candidates for 2012: Palin (I laughed); Romney (who cares); and I also may have heard something about how to renounce American citizenship. It is hard to be sure because I was laughing pretty much all day about how much the election ruined what under normal circumstances should have been a decent Wednesday. And then I listened to the BBC on my IPOD. And blew some shit up.


dn said...

Hi Matt.

Thanks for the update.

I love you.

Jenny said...

"I am a conservative Republican. I was embarrassed that we could not come up with a better candidate than John McCain. The only thing that kept his campaign from being a total embarrassment was Sarah Palin." I heart Wichita Eagle opinion line.