Sunday, November 02, 2008

Halloween Weekend Roundup

UPDATE 11/5: I did it! My paper bag did it!


* * *

Halloween. I dressed up. I was a ghost.

The costume limited my vision, but from what I gathered, there weren't a lot of good costumes about town this year. It was like the election sucked out everyone's imagination and replaced it with a brain that thinks Sarah Palin costumes are actually worthwhile.

The next day, I watched old alma mater get bitchslapped by our in-state rivals. I unleashed the paper bag I designed the evening prior.

Now, this was not a Halloween costume. Once All Saints Day rolls around, dress up time is over. But the time for serious social action is not. It's always time to speak your mind, even if the fans around you treat you like an animal, calling, "Hey, Baghead! Turn around!" so they can take a photo they'll never look at again with their shitphone's 1.2 megapixel camera. But whatever. Statement made. And it was easier to see out of than the ghost getup.

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