Monday, November 24, 2008

Relative Remarks


The Thanksgiving holiday brings with it my fledgling, second annual contest. I'm altering the competition this season, so please reacquaint yourself:


Document the most offensive or ignorant comment spoken by a relative during your holiday interactions.


The categories are wide open. While "Offensive" is generally meant to describe racist comments, it is open to interpretation, and may skew based on your politics. "Ignorant" is also purposefully ambiguous.

If your uncle calls the president-elect the N-word, the comment unequivocally qualifies as "Offensive".

If your uncle calls the president-elect a muslim, the comment is "Ignorant", but may qualify for "Offensive" bonus points.

If your mom asks "what's a 'Mad Men'?", the comment is unequivocally "Ignorant".


1.> The comment(s) must originate from a relative or family friend old enough to know better.

2.> Baiting your relatives is encouraged. Tornado Slide recommends breaching the topic of universal health care.

3.> To participate, please post the qualifying comment(s) in the comment section below, or email the comment to me. Please include a brief background (my grandfather fought in WWII, my family is from Oklahoma, etc.)

4.> Submissions will be accepted through Friday, December 5.

5.> Awards will be given for both the "Offensive" and "Ignorant" category.

6.> I am the boss.



Corinne said...

Based on a recent email from my father, which conveyed that we all must "stand behind the president-elect," I fear that I won't have much to report.

However my father did have a "Obama Bin Biden" bumper sticker until we forced him to take it off in October. So who knows.

dn said...

I can't believe we let you Canadians vote.

Corinne said...

Umm...we can't vote.

TCK said...

Canadians can't even vote in Canada. It's a dictatorship, I'm pretty sure.

dn said...

I'm ashamed to report that my thanksgiving dinners lacked any memorable quotes. One uncle actually railed for the decriminalization of pot, but his argument was only a sentence long.

I hope you guys had better luck.