Monday, January 19, 2009

Layout (My Blogness)

I've added an iLike application to the sidebar, despite my distaste for its name and its effect on Tornado Slide's appearance. If you like the idea of hearing things that have recently caught my ear more than you hate the bigger right sidebar, I'll keep iLike around, and update it every month. If not, say so, and I'll get rid of it.

I turned on TNT tonight, kind of pumped to see Kobe vs. Lebron go at it at the Staples Center, and I saw Anderson Varejao brick a wide open J, a Cavs offensive rebound and regroup, another Anderson Varejao brick, a Kobe foul, Kobe's "I haven't been this mad since I was almost held accountable for rape" face, then another Varejao stinkbomb. Things gradually became more palatable, but as a casual NBA fan I DESERVE BETTER.

1 comment:

Floyd said...

While aesthetically unpleasing, I like the addition. Please keep it.