Saturday, January 24, 2009

Where Were We When

Gav has a new post up. I'll be responding soon.

I was going to bitch about The Dark Knight being left out of the Best Picture race, but then I looked back at '00s and '90s nominees and saw

Gangs of New York
A Beautiful Mind
Erin Brockovich
The Thin Red Line (the only film I've ever walked out on)
Shakespeare In Love
The Full Monty
Jerry McGuire

and all the other films that didn't deserve nominations or wins. So who cares? I don't care.


Jenny said...

Oh, memories. I still can't believe we sat through almost 45 minutes of that shit. I think we were waiting on D-vo to get back from her 30 minute "bathroom break".

Floyd said...

The Thin Red Line was terrible. Just a 2+ hours of screaming, gunshots and waving grass.

Gangs of New York was a great movie, even with the unnecessary Cameron Diaz parts. Take her out and its the best movie of the year.

While I don't think Gladiator was necessarily worthy of Best Picture, I thought it was a very good movie. Were you not entertained? Ha! Get it?

dn said...

Oh, Jenny. I'm glad there were 4 of us to share that terrible moviegoing experience. Jesus H Christ, how many shots of waving grass were there? IMDB needs to put that in its trivia section.

I forgot to mention ATONEMENT, nominated last year, as another example of a mediocre picture that overachived during Oscar season.