Friday, May 15, 2009

Flight Test

I haven't shaved since I fell ill. This toy has been resting next to the TV for some time, taunting me, so:

Air Wolf from chester reboulet on Vimeo.

The RC car I mentioned? It was okay. It could go forward in any direction, but you couldn't turn when moving in reverse. I always thought that was strange.

[Inspiration credit to Annie, whose rare videos are more entertaining and well edited. To wit: this one.]


Gav said...

Finally, videos.

Did I tell you about when Kris and I blew up a blimp a few weeks ago and flew it down Mass St. to the bars with us. Needless to say, it was the best icebreaker I've ever had at a bar.

dn said...

You did not tell me this. I'm sure the ladies were impressed, and knew that the blimp dudes must be high rollers.

Anonymous said...

i think the helicopter just needed you to believe it would make it...


Cara said...

this is my new favorite.