Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Work Week - Encore

Some press dropped in way back on a May 1 Casual Friday, and this is the first evidence I've seen.

Have you ever seen someone handling paperwork with such DRIVE? Has anyone outside of fictional Agent Jack Bauer ever meant so much BUSINESS?


Anonymous said...

My God. It's like you're single-handedly wrestling H1N1 to the ground.


Anonymous said...

i can only assume that those are highly classified H1N1 documents you are holding, which would spell disaster if they fell into the wrong hands...

...and also that the guy in the suit is probably a douchebag.


dn said...

Actually, the guy in the suit is solid. I think he was suited up for a press conference, not because he hates Casual Friday.

You assume correctly about the papers, though. I know they were confidential, because I had to shield them from the cameras the whole time, and sit them in my lap instead of on my desk. Damn you, paparazzo!