Thursday, May 28, 2009

Shady Beach 5.1

Poor job by me on the previous post. I failed to mention several trip highlights.


Kim, Gav, and I were the first to arrive at the campground. As we used the phone book I always keep in my trunk to start the campfire, we suffered through an entire Nickelback CD, courtesy of adjacent rednecks. Part of that same crew would wake us up late that night with screams of "WHY DON'T YOU HELP ME FIND MY FUCKING INHALER?!", etc.


A bull carcass, half submerged, was stuck in the Elk River opposite a popular sandbar. No one noticed it at first, as it blended in well with the rocky shore. Just one example of the animal and human waste that ends up in that river.


Saturday, among other things, I consumed:
two small cans of spicy V8
half a bag of Oberto Southern BBQ flavored beef jerky
4 Ball Park hot dogs
a third of a bag of garden salsa flavored Sun Chips
The total % daily sodium amount of those items:
20% (estimated, thanks for nothing, Oberto website)
So that's 180% of my daily sodium. Add some other snacks, and the ? beers I consumed, and you know why Shady Beach is best experienced only once per year.


Anonymous said...

wow. add some red vines to that menu and you reach utopia...

by the way, i think "bullcarcass" would be a great substitute for the full-on "bullshit" if you are in moderately polite company, or just want to mix it up.


dn said...

I think Bullcarcass used to open for Mudcrutch.

Floyd said...

That reminds me of a guy that lived on my floor during my freshman year in the dorms. He would always say "horseshit" the way normal people use "bullshit." Then eventually he just started saying "horse!" It annoyed the hell out of me.