Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bad Plots

Yesterday I took Kim to Inglorious Basterds, sushi, and the city's second-oldest cemetery -- it's called ROMANCE, chumps.

She noticed this marker on our walk:

This unfortunate nomenclature was apparently commonplace back before the turn of the century. These days, I don't think anyone bothers to reserve a section of plots specifically for infants, and even if they did, I'm rather certain the term "Babyland" would not be used.


Nicolas Frisby said...

So you that the new Tarantino film had a bad plot then?

Nicolas Frisby said...


dn said...

No, I liked the movie. I anticipated some confusion, but the post title was so good! I had to use it.

Cara said...

Next, you should take her to the Fort Scott Cemetery. If I remember correctly, its federal cemetery #1.