Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Feline Facts

Boy, this rat race, huh guys? It's tough out there. It's been so crazy it's tapped my blog strength. So here are some photos of the cat.

It was an unusually cool July, so we were able to open the windows for a few days. Doby liked that. He especially liked to stare at the side of the house next door.

Doby has a thing about his head and neck. He likes to rest the side of his head against an object, like a stair.

Or the back of a chair. Trust me, he was doing it just a second before I snapped this. And yes, I just keep the camera on the coffee table and wait for something amazing to happen, like when he got scared of some pieces of blue cloth this week.

But most of his time is spent sleeping on his back, on the ottoman.

He really knows how to chillax.

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