Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Coffee Talk

While brunching, I stated that my Kansas City Blend was the best cup of coffee I'd ever had.

Where did you enjoy the best coffee you've ever had?

The best song about coffee I've ever heard is this one.


barbara said...

I remember my first espresso, served with a twist of lemon peel and 1 lump. It was delicious. My friend Wayne and I were having dinner at that restaurant on Como and our we bonded with our waitress, a transplant from Germany. She brought us each an espresso on the house. I take my coffee with lots o' milk and sugar, so it was such a surprise that I liked it.

barbara said...

an aside - thanks for the post about opening wine w.o. a corkscrew. cool. Probably works best with real corks, no? I can't imagine those sticky plastic ones being cooperative.