Monday, November 23, 2009

Holiday Embarrassments

Although participation has dwindled in recent attempts, I want to do this contest again.

The contest was inspired by an experience of Jack Serpentine. When watching Thanksgiving Day football, a future in-law called Philadelphia Eagles quarterback and Campbell's Chunky Soup enthusiast Donovan McNabb "a humble Negruh". Since that fateful holiday, I have solicited similar stories of holiday embarrassments.

Your relatives' comment could be casually racist, ignorant, or just plain sad. Enter the quote into the comments below, are you are eligible to win! But you'd better bring your A-game, because Shawn's grandpa is super, super, super-duper racist.


Nicolas Frisby said...

I won't let you down Dan! But my family tends to not say these things. My entry might be a stretch.

Can I enter something I say?

Anonymous said...

I think we're all counting on Shawn's grandpa. Should be easy this year. Just get the relatives tuned up about that Barack Obama.


dn said...

Nick, you are welcome to submit self-executed remarks.

Serp, Shawn gave me a sneak peek of an Obama-related embarrassment that has already occurred, and it did not disappoint. Perhaps he will share that with us.

Corinne said...

I hope it's okay that I've opened up this contest to my co-workers. Two are from Indiana so....

I will post any comments on their behalf.

Nicolas Frisby said...


The closest moment was when my dad said one of the linemen looked like a gorilla. I could cast that as racism, but - unfortunately? ... awkward - it wasn't.

I didn't bark out any hate because there were stranger-relatives present. And my nephews.

Barbara said...

I got nuppin'. But I was relegated to the fort early in the evening. It's possible I may have missed some zingers but really, everyone seemed pretty content.

dn said...

I am ashamed to report that our dinner's most controversial topic was the rankings of the CSI franchises. I could not participate, as I have never seen an episode.

Pops mentioned how funny Jeff Dunham is a few days later, so I'm going to count that as my biggest embarrassment.

Floyd said...

My mom asked me why all the homeless people are black. I responded, "I think you just answered your own question." I did this BECAUSE OF THIS GAME.

Corinne said...

I didn't hear this firsthand but Ted's grandpa was talking about how he wanted great-grandchildren to my sister-in-law and he said:

"Now I don't mind if you adopt a children, I just don't want any Black babies."

ADRIENNE said...

i made a day-after thanksgiving breakfast feast for my siblings and their spouses/kids.

a few of the chocolate chip pancakes got burned. just A FEW! we tucked them underneath all the others.

my 6 year old nephew asked where the choc chip ones were.

family member: "they're a bit too dark, so they have to sit at the back of the plate."


dn said...

Thanks to everyone for their submissions. I thought it was pretty close, and then I read them again, and Ted is the runaway winner. Congrats, Ted! Sometimes it pays to visit the farm.

See you all next year!