Thursday, November 19, 2009

Office Decor, Part Four

The great regret of my life is failing to take a picture of the horrible cubicle that belonged to Mrs. Redacted. She had elephant figurines all over the place. It looked as dumb as she was. Alas, she was fired before I could capture the mess for posterity.

Due to some rearrangement in the building, I now walk by a cubicle that could challenge Mrs. Redacted's. And today, after weeks of forgetting my cameraphone, I snapped evidence:

Mrs. Dork has two (2) of Jeff Gordon's #24 stickers on her nameplate. Because if she only had one, you may question where her support lies. Especially if you failed to see the cutout of Jeff Gordon's NASCAR on her wall, or the magazine photo of Jeff Gordon next to that. Or the collector's towel thingy of Jeff Gordon on the other wall (not pictured), and the other NASCAR-branded thingamajigs I couldn't get a good look at without arousing suspicion.

(I decline comment on the traditional Thanksgiving welcome sign featuring a pilgrim turkey, because I like Thanksgiving, which I call T'sgiving for short.)

So I guess my question is this: are her decorations more like a coworker placing a lot of his/her college's memorabilia in his/her office, or more like my 11 year-old self tacking Will Clark and Frank Thomas posters to my bedroom wall?


Nicolas Frisby said...

Either you don't keep your phone in your pocket, or you have two phones.

What gives?

captcha: cottle

Corinne said...

blank blank blank

ADRIENNE said...

i'm happy for her.

i miss the days that i cared that much about something

dn said...

Nick, during business hours, I leave my phones on a shelf in my cubicle. Don't you remember?

Corinne, hello. I will guess "She is crazy" fills in those blanks.

Adrienne, you do care that much about something, and that something is Puppet Shows.

I got a peek at the other thingamajigs today. They are tiny blue Jeff Gordon-branded stockings.

Gav said...


Get it?