Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gee, Mail!

As you're aware, the internet continues to grow exponentially, and will soon collapse under its own weight.

Case in point: Google Mail. I hastily adapted my university email prefix into my current Yahoo! address back when things were different (before 9/11) (literally). Lately, I've been thinking about upgrading to GMail, but wasn't sure what username to adopt.

So I began to explore my options. My name? Taken. Common variations on my name? Taken. Current Yahoo! username? Taken.

Hmm. This is a very popular electronic mail system!

What if I picked a username that early-adopter types would disagree with? TAKEN!

What about an outdated phrase -- one so unused that I can't remember how to spell it? TAKEN! TAKEN!

What about an intentionally misspelled outdated phrase? TAKEN!

What about a nonsense lyric from disc 2 of "Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness"? TAKEN!

What about a nonsense lyric from Extreme's 1991 album "Pornograffitti", NOT taken from the radio hits "More Than Words" or "Hole Hearted"? TAKEN!

What about random two-word phrases? TAKEN! TAKEN!

What about random sounds? TAKEN!

What about the tagline from a somewhat forgotten film released just weeks ago? TAKEN!

What about backwards? TAKEN!

What about a sentence no one could possibly agree with? TAKEN!

What about a difficult-to-spell animated character from Paula Abdul's 1989 "Opposites Attract" music video? TAKEN!

What about a religious slant? TAKEN! TAKEN!

What about a random two-word phrase that really sucks? AVAILABLE!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, I've got a new gmail account! (Not really.)


hootenannie said...

Anonymous said...

Can't believe you didn't go with After all, Belly Fresh was your nickname in high school.


dn said...

Annie - Thank you. I have adjusted the tag labels accordingly.


Gav said...

Thumbs up!