Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Beib To The Future

There was a rumor that Justin Beiber was going to star in a Back to the Future remake. It’s not true, I guess, now I’m thinking about how a reboot would look. You know, staying a few steps ahead of Hollywood, just like with Hangover 2.

OLD BTTF: Marty wants a cool truck
NEW BTTF: Marty wants a Bugatti

OLD BTTF: Marty plays “Johnny B Good” in the style of Chuck Berry
NEW BTTF: Marty plays a smooth (but filthy) R&B jam in the style of R. Kelly

OLD BTTF: Christopher Lloyd
NEW BTTF: Christopher Walken

OLD BTTF: Marty invents the skateboard
NEW BTTF: Marty invents the razor scooter

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