Monday, September 13, 2010


I was sick today, but wanted to do something productive while I recovered. What did I do? You guessed it: uploaded cat-related media. It's been too long!

In the wintertime, Lou Dobbs was an active feline, despite his disinterest in the Saints amazing comeback Super Bowl victory.

He sometimes stared longingly out the window, squeaking instead of meowing.

The cat always demands my attention before I start a relaxing evening game of Playstation, and will bother me on the couch if I choose not to pet him on the floor.

And Doby will lay on the other couch, too, because SOMEBODY SPOILS HIM.

Sometimes he'll get involved during a spirited game of stairball.

But usually he plays with a strip of felt.

At least, he used to. The summertime seemed to vanquish both the cold and his free spirit. Perhaps it was the spring storms, which forced him to seek cover under the couch's upended cushions (part of a barricade to prevent him from lying on them all day).

Or perhaps he is growing older, and looking for meaning in his life.

It's a deep philosophical quest, filled with ennui.

Ennui and rage.

That makes him sleepy.

So very sleepy.

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