Thursday, February 16, 2012

Television Roundup - Winter 2012

Television shows I’m currently making time to view, in order from most consistently enjoyable to less so, bearing in mind that God don’t make no junk but TV networks do, but I don’t watch no junk unless it happens to be what Kim wants to watch while I occupy myself online:

This shouldn’t be a surprise, since it’s written by the same guy who created Sealab 2021, and I own all those DVDs.

Parks & Recreation
Aside from its general hilariousness, it’s got even more going for it. You can count on some physical comedy from Chris Pratt, and the show almost always puts you in a happy mood.

Happy Endings
Very snappy dialogue, an no shortage of puns, unique abbreviations, and fun phrases. I think of Damon Wayans saying, “Daddy likes a deep tuck” every time I don an undershirt.

The most recent episode centered on potato skins. A full half-hour of television. Absurd without being aggressively absurd, a la Tim & Eric.

30 Rock
Still strong.

Chopped (via DVR)
You can fly through a recorded episode in 35 minutes, skipping over the inter-chef and judge chit-chat that makes it unwatchable live. If the producers would stop forcing the contestants to constantly mention their personal “hook” -- my mother died, I’m trying to win for her, etc etc -- I’d have no complaints. Well, except maybe the dessert round, give those guys 10 additional minutes so they can BAKE, yo! French toast ain’t no goddamned dessert!!

Top Chef
We should probably DVR this as well, but it’s a Wednesday night tradition.

An Idiot Abroad
Makes you feel good about your limited vacations.

At its worst, still funnier than 90% of television.

The Office
At its worst, still funnier than 89% of television.

The Soup
Inessential, but a breezy way to spend 30 minutes.

The Walking Dead
I suppose it’s a good sign that there’s only one show I watch to mock, and I suppose it’s higher quality trash than reality shows on Bravo or TLC. So, good for me?

Conan (via DVR)
Daily Show (first 10 or 20 minutes)
CBS This Morning
The usual schedule is record Conan, watch the Daily Show’s first segment or two before bed, then wake up and see what Charlie Rose is talking about. Charlie Motherfucking Rose is in the house! CBS is in serious danger of airing a news program in the morning, with no chuckling between annoying weathermen and softball-question-lobbing anchors. If I don’t care to hear the latest news, I watch Conan’s previous night’s monologue while eating cereal.

*  *  *

Television greivances, in no particular order:

Arby’s spokesman that sings “It’s Good Mood Fooooooood!”
Soaring higher on my list of Most Punchable Humans. Also, no it isn’t. There’s a reason why The Simpsons coined the phrase, “I’m so hungry I could eat at Arby’s.”

The Bud Light Platinum advertising campaign
Would someone inform the idiots at Anheiser-Busch that the people who drink Bud Light DON’T GIVE A SHIT HOW THEIR BEER TASTES?! You won the light domestic beer battle. That’s not a compliment, but it seems to be a fact. Anyway, you can stop innovating. Just keep pumping out the same old swill and your loyal customers will drink it.

The low-rent cable ads, especially during Comedy Central programming
Dipped strawberries? Just the type product that is best ordered via telephone. Sexytime phone chat lines? In this digital age, I don’t understand how could those still be in business, let alone profitable. Catheters? Yikes. I’ll stick with the strawberries.

The guys Zooey shares an apartment with on “New Girl”
I find them all unlikeable.


Alison said...

Even the slightest mention of Sealab makes me upset. NO SEALAB.

Also, I just quoted that Simpsons Arby's line this week. It was my contribution to a discussion of Lord of the Flies.

Anyhow, solid TV watchin'.

dn said...

Lindsey said...

I've got to disagree about Schmidt on New Girl. He gets some really great lines that make me laugh out loud. nick and Winston, I'll concede the point.

One recent example

Schmidt: Where's your boyfriend?
CeCe: We're meeting up later because he has a little surprise for me.
Schmidt: Spoiler: it's his penis.

Also, I'm on the third season of Parks and Rec and don't "love" it yet. When does that kick in?

dn said...

The 3rd season should shower you with its love. If it doesn't, feel free to quit. More Adam Scott for the rest of us.