Monday, July 08, 2013

8th Grade Basketball Championship - 2nd Quarter

Andale #51 misses a turnaround in the lane. Another offensive rebound to #53, who sticks it in.

Andale #42 tips a Justin pass out of bounds. Our ball on the baseline.

I inbound to Justin at the elbow, who sinks an unguarded J.

We're in man-to-man! This might have been the first time we ever got out of our zone defense the entire season. They set a pick on Ryan for #4, who misses a baseline jumper long. #53 gets yet another offensive rebound thanks to the long miss. #51 hits the side of the backboard on his shot attempt, but Andale gets another offensive rebound. #4 takes the rebound and goes back up, but misses. Rebound to #51, another put-back miss. He is 1-for-6 now. Rebound Jerod.

Jarod misses a layup but gets his own rebound.

Jarod causally dribbles between his legs, even though it's basically the equivalent of dunking to his peers in this game.

Jarod throws it over my head. Turnover. We have 9 turnovers to Andale's 4. We have 7 shot attempts to Andale's 19.

Andale #4 can't lob it over Keith, who snatches it from the air.

They call a carry on Jarod as he is driving toward the rack. It's probably to teach him a lesson for his fancy dribbling skills. Well, he actually calls traveling, even though it's a carry, and it's also closer to a double dribble than traveling. I'm marking it as traveling.

A very quick whistle for a jump ball, which goes to us. I'm scoring it as a miscellaneous turnover for Andale #42.

Jarod misses a reverse baseline layup. The rebound is knocked around before it's handled by Justin, who dishes to Keith for a turnaround J in the post. This ends what feels like a very long scoring drought.

Keith swats a shot by Andale #51

Keith creates a fast break from his own block, but is about to lose his dribble, which is unfortunate because he had a clear path to the basket. He passes to Ryan, who is bumped. Foul on #54, his third. #44 comes in for him. Andale timeout.

I throw it directly to Andale #53 on the inbound. It looks pathetic.

#42 misses a baseline jumper coming off a pick. Rebound goes long again, to #53 again, but he's whistled for a foul. The ref says it's a push (against Keith I assume), but it seems to me the ref had a bad angle. Sucks for them, because that's the third foul on #53, who has 10 points and 5 rebounds (all offensive) with 3:15 left in the 2nd quarter. He stays in the game.

Our new offense works great, but those crisp passes go for naught when Jarod misses a short baseline shot. He's 2 for 7 so far. Rebound out of bounds, Andale ball.

Justin denies #4 the ball on the inbound, the first time St Mark has shown any kind of full court pressure. Whoever is working the videocamera uses zoom for the first time. Andale #44 misses a shot from the elbow, rebound to Justin.

Justin is doubleteamed under the opponent's basket after his rebound, and throws it to Andale #51, who puts in an easy layup. Justin now has 4 bad passes, but he will have to keep working to surpass my 5.

We execute the same play as the last possession, and this time Jarod scores from the same spot on the floor. Assist by Ryan.

Andale #51 loses the ball on a drive, but the resulting jump ball stays with Andale. No turnover recorded.

Andale #51 throws it over #4's head and out of bounds. It looks like he was trying to go in the paint with his inbound pass, changed his mind at the last second and made an off-target heave to the wing instead.

Again, we carve up the half-court trap. Keith with the assist to Jarod, whose shot is good from the right block. This is the first time we've been tied since 0-0.

After more full court pressure, Andale #53 gets free on the right side and drives to the hoop. Ryan is called for a block, his second foul. Maybe this time there will actually be free throws?

Nope! These refs don't like fighting for rebounds, fancy dribblin', or the act of shooting. Andale #42 misses off the inbound from the left block, Justin gets the rebound. Our point guard is now our leading rebounder, with 3 defensive and 1 offensive board. #42 is 0-5 from the field.

I look so awkward dribbling. I mean, I am only helping bring the ball up because of this half-court trap. Normally I ran the baseline, tossed it into Keith, and watched him score. Now I'm in the backcourt and I'm terrified. Andale should have been forcing me to my left - it looks like I'm not even aware I have a left hand. But that could be said for most every right-handed kid on the court

Jarod gets a pass too far under the basket, and kicks it out to me for a shot from the left wing. My J is so wet. First lead of the game for St Mark.

Ryan was subbed in because he improved a lot during that season, and he is looking tenacious so far. He gets picked, switches men with Justin, and swats a pass from #4. He gains possession, outruns #42 to the rack and makes a contested layup. He continues the streak of players using their right hands on the left side. St Mark is on an 8-0 run.

Andale #4 dribbles too far down, and gets trapped by Ryan and Keith in the corner. Keith gets a hand on the ball as #4 tries to pass, and as Jarod starts to control it, Keith comes up with it and drives down the left sideline. (I award the steal to Keith.)

Keith rises to shoot the layup with each hand on the ball, and then he kinda shuffles it slightly and banks it in with his right hand. Reminds me of a volleyball player who set up his own spike.

Timeout Andale. St. Mark is on a 10-0 run and now leads 20-14.

It looks like we came out in a 1-3-1 zone. I am more shocked at this than Andale was, as they calmly work the ball in to #53, who makes a jumper a few feet inside the free throw line. Assist #4.

Justin completes a long, arcing pass to Jarod in the left corner. Andale #44 just misses getting a hand on it, Jarod gets by him, challenges #53 in the lane with a hanging shot, and gets the bucket. Assist Justin.

Confusing sequence. Andale #42 loses it, Ryan comes up with it, passes to Justin, and the whistle comes in to call a travel. I assume they're calling it on Ryan? I'm marking a turnover for #42, steal for Ryan, and travel for Ryan. I just don't see how it could be a travel on Justin, so I have to assume it was a travel on Ryan while the camera's view of him was obstructed by the Mennonite lady.

Andale #53 misses a buzzer-beating half-court heave off the inbound. End of half. St Mark up 22-16. There was a three-point shooting contest at halftime. Kent participated from our school; I think he beat me out for it. It's just as well, because I usually sucked at 3's, plus I had to strategize with the coach and whatnot. I think a Menonnite girl won the women's competition. Those ladies were also great at softball.

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