Monday, July 08, 2013

8th Grade Basketball Championship - 3rd Quarter

Our ball to start the second half! I take a dribble on the right wing and put up a not wet jumper. Rebound Andale #4. A foul is called on Ryan, who fell down trying to get that board. I don't know. It really seems like these refs would prefer only two people try to rebound - one from the offense, one from the defense, each on a different side of the lane, just wait for the ball to roll toward you please. That's 3 fouls on Ryan.

I think we're still trying a 1-3-1. I remember practicing this defense once, but I thought it was so that we'd know what to do when someone sprung it on us, not so we could use it. Andale #4 takes a shot from the free throw line and misses; I get the rebound.

After they knock the ball out on the sideline, I inbound to Keith, who dishes to Jarod in the corner. Jarod casually dribbles between his legs to get past his man, shoots at the block, swish.

Andale #53 can't handle a pass, and the ball is dribbled off his foot and out of bounds. I'm scoring it as a misc. turnover for #53.

Justin's lob pass over the half-court trap is grabbed by Andale #53. He dribbles right all the way in for a 2. Very sportsmanlike of Keith not to use a flagrant foul there.

Foul called on Andale #51 as Justin crosses midcourt

Travel on Justin after the inbound. He started to pass, decided not to, and dragged his foot.

Andale #4 gets it to #51 inside the free throw line, his turnaround J is bounces in.

We swing it around to me, and I'm allowed to drive baseline. Reverse layup is good. If you're hoping to see any more instances of me behaving like a competent sportsman, I have bad news for you.

They dump it off to #51, who can't make a contested shot under the hoop. Rebound by Jarod.

The first three-point attempt of the night, and possibly all season, is good. Justin drains it. Assist by Jarod. We have a 9-point lead, and are shooting 65%

Why are they passing to their huge center in the left corner? He's bracketed by me and Jarod, and is called for the charge as he tries to get past Jarod going baseline. That's 4 fouls on #53, who has 14 points. I clap enthusiastically like a really cool guy would. He is benched. My brother is working the camera now, providing sarcastic comments and the occasional look at the scoreboard, which shows that we are the home team. The quality of this VHS is not great, but it seems there is no apostrophe on our "SAINT MARKS" banner, which outrages me. It's St Mark. It's casually called St Mark's, because nothing is in the town except for the church and the school. "I'm heading to St Mark's," is correct usage, if and only if you are heading to the school or church. If you are just going to the (unincorporated) city limits, you should say, "I'm going to St Mark."

Justin's heat check from 3 is no good. Rebound Andale #4, who drives but pulls it out to run offense.

Andale #51 hits a short baseline jumper over Jarod. Assist by #44, who does not look comfortable with the rock. We've almost played 3 quarters with zero free throws. Strange.

Jarod is triple teamed, and overthrows Ryan on the other side of the court. Someone, I assume St Mark, calls timeout.

Ball knocked out of bounds by Keith, Andale inbounds from the baseline.

The ball hits #44's foot after a bad pass from a teammate, so the ref calls kicking. Kicking is supposed to be called on intentional kicks by the defense, not accidental foot contact by the offense. I guess that's a passing turnover on #4? He's now tied with me for the lead in turnovers (6), a hollow triumph considering this last turnover was bunk. St Mark ball.

Keith tries to get it to Jarod under the basket, but it's tipped by Andale, then by Jarod before going out. Andale ball.

Andale #4 picks up his dribble at the top of the key, so Justin and Jarod back off him. He does this weird move and sticks the ball out in front of him, as if to say, "Look how far I can stick this ball out in my hands. No one is around me."

Andale #42's jumper from the right baseline bounces in, his first bucket of the night (he had been 0-5). Assist #4.

I squeeze a pass in to Jarod under the basket. He misses, gets his own rebound, and is shockingly not called for a foul, because there are three defenders in front and around him. Instead, Andale #51 is called for a foul.

Jarod is inbounding it? Where am I going to get my assists? He lobs it to Justin, who immediately sends it to Keith posting in the lane. Turnaround is good. "Good play, excellent," says my aunt in the background. Not sure if the "excellent" is a Wayne's World reference, but this is February 12, 1993, so I'm gonna lean toward yes.

Andale #4 misses a jumper from the right baseline. I should have just made a macro for the word baseline -- maybe I still should. There's still a quarter left. Rebound #42. #4 tries the same shot again, no dice. He's 0-5. Rebound Keith. That's the first rebound I have scored for our 6'2" center. Over-the-back called on Andale #51, which might be the first correct rebounding foul call. Three fouls on #51.

Andale hasn't tried the half court trap much this half. Maybe no one on their bench was counting how many turnovers I was giving them. Anyway, we're back to our standard offense, which runs smoothly here. Point to wing to baseline, back to point, in to center for a short turnaround 2. Andale is really missing their post presence, and you can see how teams in our league without the benefit of tall athletes suffered. Keith has not missed a shot - he's a Christian Laettner-like 5-5. That is the most precise reference, since the Duke/Kentucky game was about 10 months prior to this game.

Kicking is correctly called when I kick a pass. Or so it seems - they call kicking on Andale #51, whose foot was next to mine. I can't tell. Neither of us seem to argue it, but you can hear my dad saying I kicked it. Turnover marked for Andale #54, who threw the pass.

Justin throws it behind me on the wing as we're setting up our offense. Out of bounds to Andale. I'm scoring it as a turnover by Justin; I don't know why we were mixed up there.

Andale #42 misses a three, but it's thrilling to see another one attempted. Rebound me.

Jarod tries to start a break, and his pass in the lane is deflected out of bounds. He gets to pass it in again.

Inbound to me, right back to Jarod, whose turnaround at the block bounces out. The rebound is tipped by many and Jarod recovers it. His baseline jumper at the buzzer is no good. St Mark leads 33-24 going into the final quarter.

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