Monday, July 08, 2013

8th Grade Basketball Championship - 4th Quarter

Start of the 4th quarter. Andale ball. #53 is back in the game with 4 fouls. Matt is in for Ryan.

Andale #42 finds #51 under the basket for an open layup. I'm pretty sure it's my fault. We might be in 1-3-1, so he'd be my responsibility.

Jarod drives baseline, dishes to me while eveyone yells for traveling, I get a shot blocked but it doesn't matter, because Keith or I was called for a 3 second violation. I'm guessing Keith, because my 3 seconds should have reset when I got Jarod's pass. No shot attempt recorded.

Andale #51 misses the same shot he made last time. Keith was there this time to adjust his shot, and Keith gets the rebound.

Jarod shoots from the right wing before the offense or defense is settled. Sweet J.

Andale #4 passes to #51, posting me up on the left block. Turnaround/baby hook is good. Looks like we're in a 2-1-2, not a 1-3-1.

Matt's pass is stolen by Andale #51, then I get it right back when he tries to pass upcourt. I wisely decide not to drive, and wait to reset the offense.

Hey, fuck that noise, I'm going to take this pass and drive past my man, then take an awkward runner that airballs over the hoop. Rebound Andale #54.

These bad shots are contagious. Everyone wants to take over the game, I guess. Andale #53 misses a deep baseline jumper. Offensive rebound by #42, who is fouled on the putback. We're going to have free throws! I think the foul is called on Matt. Ryan subs in for him - he's been waiting to sub in for a few plays.

First free throw missed. You can see me bending over, uncomfortable. I recall having some phlegm or something. All the bench players drank all our water, so we had nothing to drink. I was parched.

Second free throw made.

Extreme close up on me. Lord knows how, but I now have possession of the ball.

Keith hot streak ends, as he only hits backboard on his jumper from the lane. Rebound Andale #42.

Andale #51 misses one shot in the lane, then gets the rebound and makes his second attempt. They are find a spot in our zone, and that spot seems to be me. I can't tell you how fun it is to watch myself get dismantled like this.

We are actually patient on offense, and I make an open shot on the right wing. Assist Justin. Both point guards have 6 assists.

Andale #53 misses from the right elbow. Keith rebounds.

Keith makes a bad pass while driving, Ryan can't catch it. Out of bounds to Andale.

My aunt decides to focus on me and narrate, not realizing this would be embarrasing when seen on YouTube in 20 years.

Andale #42 throws a bad lob that is luckily retrieved by #54, who sinks a mid-range jumper from the left wing.

We are again patient, and I get fouled when grabbing a pass by Andale #42. Timeout St Mark. Andale has cut the lead to 37-33.

I miss an open baseline jumper, rebound Andale #42.

Andale pushes it upcourt, and #54 is fouled by Ryan on a shot attempt. #53 is very pumped. Emotions are high. Ryan has 4 fouls.

This guy is left handed! And he misses his first attempt.

Second free throw made.

Again, I decide I'm the best, and take it toward the lane where I promptly turn it over when trying to pass to Keith. #53 takes it coast to coast and sinks a short jumper.

AGAIN, I lose the ball driving toward the lane. Andale is playing zone, and I am dribbling straight into 3 dudes. I am the worst. #42 comes up with the ball, so I score a steal for him, although #51 may have poked it away.

Jarod is called for a block as #51 tries a layup.

First free throw is good. Tie game. They are pumped.

Second free throw missed, rebound Ryan.

I actually pass! The ball is worked into Keith for 2. Assist Justin.

Andale #4, bringing the ball up, decides to drive down the middle, takes a contested shot at the free throw line over Ryan, and sinks it. It's his first points of the day.

I give it to Keith again, he scores again. The kid knows how to post up. He's 7 of 8.

We're in man defense. Andale #4 throws a deep lob to #51, who pump fakes to get Jarod up, then makes a layup over him. Tie again. About one minute left.

Justin fakes to me, and I slip behind the zone defender who came out to intercept the pass. Then Justin hits me on the right wing, and I somehow have the indecency to take another shot. It may seem like I was some kind of me-first, Sam Marbury type player who only cared about his own stats. This may look like a play from a kid with big brass balls that wanted the game on his shoulers. This is not accurate. I was always timid, in basketball and in all other aspects, until I was 27 or so years old. Still, for some reason I shoot with confidence here, and I am open. Swish. We go up by 2 points.

Andale #42 is kind of isolated against Justin at the free throw line, drives right, and airballs the layup long. Rebound to Jarod, who dribbles a bit and is fouled by Andale #51, his fourth foul. Both #51 and #53 have four fouls. They account for 30 of Andale's 41 points.

Press! But we inbound ok.

After some back-and-forth passing, Keith is fouled by Andale #42. The crowd seems very pro-Andale and I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because they're the underdog, maybe more of their fans/parents showed up, or maybe it's just where the camera is situated.

Timeout Andale. 23 seconds left, free throws coming for Keith. Their coach looks kinda like Danny McBride.

I mean, some girls are doing the R E B O U N D cheer for Andale! Where's our cheer section?

Keith misses the 1-and-1, but there's a whistle. Andale #4 came in the lane early. Redo.

Keith misses again, rebound Andale #51, just as the girls predicted/wished. Timeout Andale, 18 seconds left.

Andale is inbounding from the backcourt sideline. We have Jarod guarding the inbound passer, and Justin is there to defend the two guards. Out of frame, Ryan is also up to provide pressure. I can't see the inbound passer, but he must fake a pass back toward their own basket, because both Justin and Ryan start in that direction. #4 gets the inbound pass heading the right direction, with 3 St Mark defenders behind him. Keith and I are left to defend the 3-on-2 break. Every indoor recess, we practiced 3-on-2, and Keith and I were great as the two defenders. He's play back, I'd play up, and we'd often prevent a score despite the disadvantage. Here, though, Keith is caught playing the ball, and I'm caught toward the left sideline, struggling to run back under the basket. #4 drives and dishes to #53, who puts in the layup. Tie game.

Jarod is triple teamed, and misses a buzzer-beater short from the left wing. Overtime!

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