Monday, July 29, 2013


If you search instagram or twitter right now for "Mates of State", you'll see me in the background of many photos and videos.

The free, intimate "rehearsal" show they played in the basement of Frank's North Star Tavern was well attended and VERY well documented. Look at all these jokers -- snapping chats and vining their facebooks! Within moments, I felt a strong camaraderie with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

(For the record, I took one picture before the show and two back-to-back pictures during the show. I am perfect.)

I'm glad I chose to stand directly behind them. Sure, I couldn't hear the vocals too well, but this was the closest perspective I will ever have to being in the band. Beyond understanding how rocker could get annoyed by overuse of technology, I was struck by how disinterested many attendees looked. I understand if you don't bop your head or mouth the lyrics, but to stand still without even a smile on your face? That would mess with my head if I were a performer for anything more significant than karaoke. Cheer up, buds! This is fun! This was fun! Good show!

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Gav said...

There's a big pole in the way.... the A.G. brothers are much better to look at anyways...