Saturday, February 09, 2008

Iguazu, Day 2

We explored the park a bit on day 1, then ate a buffet at the restaurant. If you ever get the chance to drink a Latitud 33 Malbec while eating some bomb-ass chocolate cake, I recommend you do so.

This is where I would post a really sweet video of today's adventures if this 5-star hotel´s computers weren´t stripped of every input drive.

Today was the best day so far, even though we spent an hour or so walking around Iguazu National Park in the pouring rain. Things eventually dried out, and so did we.

The video I would have embedded is of "Gargantua del Diablo", the park's main attraction. If you are curious, search for it on Flickr and you'll get results like this.

Matt and I are still getting along well despite being together for a week -- living proof that well-timed jokes about masturbation never get old.

We may try to venture into the little town for dinner tonight. Another full day in the park tomorrow...

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barbar said...

I am soooooo jealous. It's 15 below today in Mpls, without wind chill. I thought you would like to know that.