Sunday, February 10, 2008

Iguazu - Day 3

After waiting out the rain, Matt and I again ventured over to the waterfalls. We split up to enjoy different trails. It took several calls to the hotel, an inquiry to the local police, and a park ranger's search to reunite us.

It is a long story, but know this: neither of us was ever in any sort of danger. The same hotel clerk that told us a distant, nonexistant restaurant was still operational and "two kilometers away" mistakenly told Matt I was in the hotel, when I was actually in the park. The man should be barred from attempting any more English with the guests.

Tomorrow is almost entirely spent in transit. Two flights and a bus ride should put us in Valparaiso by nightfall. Until then...


Molly said...

Whoa, Dan. I was so worried from reading the first part of the post that your life was in peril, but, thank God, you let me know in the second paragraph that you had survived.

Speaking of people being worried, I am spending Valentine's Day night with our best girl. Jealous?

Anonymous said...

hmmm, and were your respective trails happy, by chance? I am betting they were. Very very happy.

This is awesome, by the way. A foreign boondoggle! I am soooo jealous.

Don't forget to take pictures of food for me!