Thursday, February 28, 2008

Why I Laughed And Spilled Tea On Myself Yesterday

23 Years After the Fact, Phil Collins Can Fuck Off.
My wife and I were sitting around a few weeks ago, and she started rattling off Phil Collins/Genesis song titles and made the proclamation that, "He just made up stupid words and turned 'em into songs." Hard to argue there. First came ABACAB (don't really care if it is about some chord progression), it sounds like the town derelict trying to describe why he sometimes resorts to violence when resisting state-mandated baths. Then there's the 1985 gem SUSSUDIO. Kiss my ass, Phil.

Found this nugget when I was "surfing" the internet:

" 'sussudio' became a name for this person, and since it's become a name for a horse. My older daughter's got a horse called Sussudio, and I'm sure there are children all over the world with the name Sussudio, so I apologize for that." --P.C.

If there is one child on the planet named Sussudio, I'd be really, really surprised. Let's not overstate our importance. Still, I'd rather be waterboarded with zebra urine than listen to a minute of anything in the Mike + the Mechanics catalog.

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Jenny said...

I heard this song today and thought of your post - in reflection, I thought, unless "Sussudio" is pronounced "Ashley", there's not a single kid born in 1985 with that name.