Monday, February 04, 2008

Montevideo, Uruguay

We are alive. Very much so, in Montevideo.

We have a nice room in a residential area, Carrasco, which is right across the street from the ocean, which is also nice.

Everything is much nicer than the international flight. I salute all of my friends who never complained to me about such a flight - you are better people than I. Neither of us got much sleep, which meant we went to bed early last night (with the assistance of a bottle of Uruguayan cabernet), which was OK because our hotel didn´t get the Super Bowl anyway, which is OK because I haven´t had to see or read anything about how awesome the New York Giants are.

Running jokes so far:

--The locals consider Matt "El Diablo" because of his large red birthmark.

--I have bet Matt that we will not hear a song by the B-52s for the entire trip -- he thinks otherwise.

I´m having some issues with the internet connection and USB 1.1, so I can´t post to Flickr just yet. There aren´t many photos to show yet anyway. Here´s the view from our hotel.

We will be in Buenos Aires tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone for the well-wishing. Until next time...

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