Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Savage Love

[NOTE: I got bored in a meeting today and wrote most of this post to occupy myself. That's not all that cool, but you know what is? I wrote in CURSIVE! Remember cursive? It turns out it's pretty easy to slip back into the habit after years of neglect. Sure, no one else can read my cursive, but I can. Cursive!]

Not to barge into Linds' territory here, but here's a note about film.

I watched "The Savages" Sunday night. I recommended the DVD to anyone, most especially those who have had experience with nursing homes, senile family members, or both. Philip Seymour Hoffman is good, as usual, and Laura Linney is great, as usual, in her Oscar-nominated role. Her scenes are hysterically, darkly funny, extremely emotive, and occasionally half-naked. Can we give it up for Ms. Linney? She always brings the goods.


6. You Can Count on Me

I never saw this one, but she was nominated for an Oscar, so let's assume there was a great moment in there somewhere.

5. John Adams

Did you see that scene where Abigail Adams poisoned two dozen redcoats with tainted licorice? Me neither. Let's get to the films I actually did watch.

4. The Squid and the Whale

OK, I did watch this, but it was a long time ago, so I can't single out a moment. Well-acted all the way around, though.

3. The Savages

There are two scenes where we see Linney's character exercises to an aerobics video. They're pretty funny, but it might not have anything to do with her acting. Maybe that's how everyone looks when they exercise in front of the TV.

2. Love Actually

She got naked in "Love Actually", remember? Yeah, I knew it! Apparently she's also naked in something called "Maze". Full frontal, according to Mr. Skin.

1. The Truman Show

TRUMAN: "Why do you want to have a baby with me? You can't stand me!"

MERYL: "That's not true! ... Why don't you let me fix you some of this Mococoa drink, all natural cocoa beans from the upper slopes of Mount Nicaragua, no artificial sweeteners!"

TRUMAN: "What the hell are you talking about?!? Who are you talking to?!?"

MERYL:"I've tasted other cocoas, this is the best!"


Anonymous said...

i will give it up for Laura Linney... she is always solid. also check her out in "Kinsey" and "The Live of David Gale."


adrienne said...

i don't know if you're going to give this much credence coming from the girl who likes snack wraps (tortillas! yumm!), but you can count on me is near perfect.

Gav said...

First the bad news: I bought The Squid and the Whale. It is a good flick but owning it is disturbing, even to myself.

The good news: I obtained it pre-viewed for $4 at Blockbuster. Remember that place?

Anonymous said...

Funny you should post this. I added The Savages to my Neflix queue hours before reading your post and now Netflix has identified me as a Laura Linney fan based on my having previous watched You Can Count on Me and Breach. They had a section of all of her movies for me to select and enjoy. I never considered myself a big fan of hers until you and Netflix told me I was.
Chris J.