Wednesday, July 29, 2009

MS Office Sweet

I was MS Powerpointing and found myself in need of an Uncle Sam "I Want You" image. You know, as people do. Taking the chance of a lifetime, I opened the clip art gallery and searched for "Uncle Sam". Success! The iconic old man with the pointing finger popped right up, and was pasted into my very interesting yet informative slide presentation. I was ready for my webinar! And my subsequent suicide!

I stole a moment from my busy workday to research what other search terms resulted in clip art hits:

Uncle Sam = YES
Condom = YES
Monet = YES
Reagan = NO
Jefferson = YES
Gremlin = NO
Omaha = YES
Shank = YES
Gat = NO
Slut = NO
Prostitute = NO
Sexy = KINDA - .wav file of "Sexy Thing"
Time = YES
Sexy Time = NO

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