Thursday, July 09, 2009

Mouse In The House

The cat found a mouse.

He walked around with it a few minutes, then dropped it and played with it for a few seconds. Then the mouse ran under the refrigerator. Then I moved the refrigerator to allow for cat access. Then I repositioned the cat, who was hopelessly confused as to the mouse's whereabouts.

After some struggle, the mouse escaped beneath the oven.

Two days later, Doby chased the mouse behind the CD shelf. The mouse was wedged between the wall and the furniture, trapped. Doby pawed a few times, then walked to the kitchen to lay down and relax. So I killed the mouse myself, pushing it toward a gauntlet of mousetraps.

Then I walked over to the kitchen to mock that cat, showing him what a true mouser looks like.

Then I threw the mouse away. Then Doby walked back by the CD shelf to look for the mouse again.

I assume Doby has brain damage from his fall.


Floyd said...


Alison said...

This is my nightmare.

Also, please explain the last picture. What's going on with the mouse??

dn said...

The mouse's lower half is dangling, while its upper half is crushed in the mousetrap's jaws of death. I am holding it in front of the dumb kitty.