Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Only in New York - Day One + Two

The first thing we did, after looking at apartments Alipete was considering, is eat. Some REAL FUCKIN' MORNINGSIDE HEIGHTS PIZZA!

I destroyed Alipete in the pizza eating race we were not really having, because I was so hungry, having last eaten prior to our 7 a.m. flight.

I met up with Floyd to see Paul F. Tompkins deliver hilarious stand-up at the Gotham Comedy Club. The room was less than half full, despite Paul's well-known hilarity. We sat about 7 feet away from the stage. Paul was rehearsing for a live DVD to be recorded very soon, and I will tell you that DVD will be worth the purchase price. (I am assuming the purchase price will be something less than a hundred dollars. Well worth it.)

The next day we went to the Met museum. Kim saw Chris Kattan -- yes, THE Chris Kattan -- while checking out Monets. We also saw...

...Egyptian artifacts that somehow made it out of Egypt:

...Hated historical figures, like Indian genocidist Stonewall Jackson:

...Beloved historical figures, like Atlanta smolderer W.T. Sherman:

...Matthew Broderick and his clan:

...and this painting:

Flower Girl at the Met Museum from chester reboulet on Vimeo.

Here's another look at that last one. Seeing the details of the painting will make my narration seem even more appropriate.

Dinner that night was in Chinesetown, at New Green Bo. Kim made the excellent decision to order veggie dumplings. Later, I was heard to remark, "I ate half a duck."

In celebration of fine crispy duck, I gave Gav's patented fist pump.

Kim and I walked across the street to sample some green tea ice cream, while Floyd, Alipete, and Linds discussed vag nits and cervical erosion.



hootenannie said...

Your "flowers" narration made me laugh all 3 times in a row I watched it. :)

Alison said...

I can't even begin to express how happy I am that you posted Flower Girl.

Gav said...

Goddamnit I love duck.

Gav said...

Also, Floyd WTF? A messenger bag? Christ...

dn said...

That's the beauty of NYC, Gav! You get to carry a bag with you everywhere you go, because getting home is a huge pain the ass. Also, you constantly are searching for a public restroom. Good times.

ADRIENNE said...

beating alison in a pizza eating competition is like beating stephen hawking in a footrace.