Saturday, March 26, 2016

March Madness Fantasy 2016 - Round of 16 Results

There were many blowouts in the Sweet Sixteen, but yesterday had two matchups that went down to the wire. Notre Dame (one owned player) beat Wisconsin (zero owned players). And Syracuse (one owned player) beat Gonzaga (two owned players). So farewell to Domantas Sabonis and Kyle Wiltjer, who had amazing runs. Sabonis is currently the fantasy leader with 171.5 points - the next highest owned player is from Bob, Syracuse's Michael Gbinije, with 120.5.

Also having nice games were Niang for Gav, Jenkins for Brian, Gill for Bob, and Ingram for James.


1Chris321Domantas SabonisGonzaga1161.0
2Shawn330Kyle WiltjerGonzaga1149.5
3Bob655Michael GbinijeSyracuse1043.5
4Gavin324Georges NiangIowa St.438.0
5Brian323Kris JenkinsVillanova234.0
6Bob215Anthony GillVirginia133.0
7James549Brandon IngramDuke433.0

You know who sucked, though? Devonte Graham, again. He cramped his way to a 5 point game. Svi, the final-round selection, again outscored Graham, the first-round selection.


1Chuck15Devonte' GrahamKansas15
2Stu874Sviatoslav MykhailiukKansas16
3Shawn871Abdel NaderIowa St.411
4Chris660Danuel HouseTexas A&M311
5Luke873Marshall PlumleeDuke411
6Dan439Tyler DorseyOregon113
7Chuck325Isaiah CousinsOklahoma214

On Sunday night, I said that Bob would want a KU or Nova loss to push him to the seat of bird-cats, and I was dead wrong, and I'll be the first person to admit it. Bob still has 6 active players, and gets yet another game from the one and only 1.5x multiplier left, his Syracuse dude. 

The scatterplot shows Sabonis' dominance so far. He's doubled what Perry Ellis has done!

Right, so let's look at this again.

1Bob590.0         2 Oregon, 1 Oklahoma, 1 Syracuse, 1 UNC, 1 Virginia = 6     
2Gavin586.0 KU's Mason III and ND's Auguste = 2     
3James542.02 UNC supporting players, 1 Nova, Virginia's Brogdon = 4     
4Shawn539.0Oregon's Brooks and KU's Selden = 2     
5Brian501.0 OU's Hield, 1 UNC, 1 Nova, 1 Virginia = 4     
6Chris480.0KU's Lucas = 1     
7Luke464.0Nova white guy = 1     
8Stu444.5KU's bench player, 1 Nova, UNC's Paige = 3     
9Dan379.5 1 Oregon, OU's Spangler, KU's Ellis = 3     
10Chuck286.5 KU's Graham, OU's Cousins = 2     

For Bob to fall out of favor, you need a Final Four of OU, Virginia, Notre Dame, and probably Nova. If that happens, Bob would "only" have two guys in the Final Four, while Brian would have three; if KU would advance, he could keep his two. If Nova and Notre Dame meet in the final, Brian might have a prayer, and if it's KU vs Notre Dame, Gav has a prayer. Even then, that prayer is probably "Please God, make a bunch of Bob's guys tear their knees in the layup line prior to the Elite Eight games."

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