Monday, March 28, 2016

March Madness Fantasy 2016 - Round of 8 Results

The rich get richer during the Elite Eight, as four of the top seven studs from those games belong to Big Game Bob:


1Bob16Brice JohnsonN. Carolina138.0
2Brian13Buddy HieldOklahoma235.0
3Bob655Michael GbinijeSyracuse1032.5
4Bob435Elgin CookOregon129.0
5James19Malcolm BrogdonVirginia126.0
6Bob326Chris BoucherOregon123.0
7James652Daniel OchefuVillanova222.0

I don't know about you folks, but Perry Ellis and KU losing to Villanova was a lot easier to take sitting firmly in second-to-last place than if I was battling at the top of the leaderboard. Svi scored zero points in their loss, no surprise. Auguste had a disappointing final game for Gav, who is now out of players.

Hey, can we talk about Ryan Spangler for a quick sec? Yeah? Thanks. He was my second-round pick, and I chose him over the other OU guards because I thought he was pretty good, averaging a 10/10. In the tourney, he's averaged about 6/7. What a turd. A sweaty, sweaty turd.


1Stu874Sviatoslav MykhailiukKansas10
2Dan12Perry EllisKansas17
3Shawn211Dillon BrooksOregon18
4Gavin657Zach AugusteNotre Dame68
5James432Kennedy MeeksN. Carolina111
6Dan219Ryan SpanglerOklahoma211
7Bob215Anthony GillVirginia115

Oh, Bob's already beaten his own record. He's got 743.5, and 3 players still active, including that Syracuse guy.

The Syracuse guy, Gbinije, is up to 153 points, and still trails Sabonis for now. Brice Johnson and Buddy Hield are also rising to the top.

Can any of the remaining players set a record for fantasy points by an owned player? Here's the record book:

239.5  Julius Randle Kentucky 2014 (1.5x bonus) 
193.5  Jarnell Stokes Tennessee 2014 (1.5x bonus) 
196     Frank Kaminsky Wisconsin 2015 
196     Kemba Walker, Connecticut 2011
194     Anthony Davis, Kentucky 2012
190     Cleanthony Early, Wichita St 2013 (1.5x bonus)

And perhaps now is a good time to evaluate our late-round draft dandies:

1Gavin877Fred VanVleetWichita St.111.0337.0
2Brian878Marc-Eddy NoreliaFla Gulf Coast82.0241.0
3James872Monte MorrisIowa St.67.0322.3
4Luke873Marshall PlumleeDuke62.0320.7
5Chris761Landen LucasKansas95.0423.8
6Stu767Wes WashpunNorthern Iowa74.5237.2
7Dan762Isaiah MilesSt. Joseph's68.5234.2
8Bob766Roosevelt JonesButler66.5233.2
9Luke768Shaquille HarrisonTulsa53.5153.5
10Gavin764Josh ScottColorado52.5152.5

Landen Lucas gets my vote! 95 points without the benefit of the 1.5x multiplier! That's 3 more points than what I got with Perry Ellis, the top player taken from the same team with the second pick in the draft. Wowza! I'll be Chris and Jason Sudekis and Olivia Wilde had a good laugh about that at my expense.

I will probably wait until after the championship for the final analysis rather than post after the Final Four games. See you then.

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