Saturday, March 18, 2017

March Madness Fantasy 2017 - Play-In and First Round had given NC Central a 63% chance of beating UC Davis, by far the best odds of any play-in game participant. When I saw that, and the NC Central had a dude that averaged 20 points a game, I knew he'd be my final draft pick. He'd be good for 40 or so points in the play-in game, and then another 30 or so in a meaningless slaughter at the hands of KU.

But ol' Nate Silver was wrong. In fact, their fancy stats incorrectly predicted the winner of 3 of the 4 play-in games.

Still, my play-in man Patrick Cole was not a horrible pick, earning 30 points in his only game.

The only other owned play-in gamers were Jake's Wes Iwundu facing off against Gav's John Collins. 55 and 52 points, respectively, plus Jake got another 38 from Wes' round of 64 loss to Cinci.

Let's take a look at the studs and duds of round one:

1 Jake 4 33 Jawun Evans Oklahoma St 10 59.0
2 Shawn 8 78 Jordan Washington Iona 14 49.5
3 Stu 5 46 Bryant McIntosh Northwestern 8 48.0
4 Chris 6 56 Sindarius Thornwell South Carolina 7 46.0
5 Gav 8 72 Miles Bridges Michigan St 9 45.5
6 Chris 8 76 Derrick Walton Jr. Michigan 7 42.0
7 James 6 54 Trevon Bluiett Xavier 11 41.0

With Iwundu and OKST's Jawun Evans, Jake nailed his bonus seed drafting. Kudos also go to Chris, the only person to draft any 7-seeded players, who got two great double-double performances from Michigan and South Carolina's high scorers.

1 Chris 2 16 Joel Berry II North Carolina 1 7
2 Jake 8 73 Conner Frankamp Wichita St 10 8
3 Luke 8 77 Canyon Barry Florida 4 9
4 Gav 6 52 Nate Mason Minnesota 5 9
5 Stu 4 35 Bryce Alford UCLA 3 10
6 Bob 8 79 Ben Moore SMU 6 10
7 Stu 8 75 Carlton Bragg Kansas 1 11

Jake had the #1 dud of Connor Frankamp, who hit only one 3, but lives to see another round. The same can be said for Canyon Barry and Joel Berry II, but Gav's Nate Mason will go down as the worst drafted player, worse even than Carlton Bragg.

A bad round for Barrys, Berrys, and Frankampberries!

Me? I didn't have any studs nor duds. Ol' steady John Olerud over here.

Here's the scatterplot that shows each player's total score. Can anyone catch up to Wes Iwundu? Yes, they can and will. Easily:

Wes has catapulted Jake into the catbird seat of yore. Alas, the reaper has come for three of his men, and he has the fewest number of active players remaining. Chris, Stu, and Luke are still at full strength, if you can call teams that feature Carlton Bragg and Canyon Barry as full strength.

While he didn't reach top 7 dud status, Luke got basically nothing from his top pick, Duke's Luke Kennard.

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