Saturday, March 25, 2017

March Madness Fantasy 2017 - Sweet Sixteen

I stayed up to watch all the games last night and woke up with a sore throat and then noticed I was a bit achy and fatigued and then I got a fever and chills. So many chills. I caught up on The Americans, which is a very good show. I have taken medication. I am hot and cold. This is not a March Madness joke. This is a serious illness. Boo, it is very bad. Here's what happened last round:


1 Gav 5 49 Ethan Happ Wisconsin 8 47.5
2 Jake 1 8 De'Aaron Fox Kentucky 2 47.0
3 James 6 54 Trevon Bluiett Xavier 11 42.0
4 Brian 1 1 Frank Mason III Kansas 1 39.0
5 Stu 1 6 Justin Jackson North Carolina 1 33.0
6 Chris 5 45 Jordan Bell Oregon 3 32.0
7 Chris 8 76 Derrick Walton Jr. Michigan 7 32.0

Bluiett and Happ, studs once again. Some other people as well. Two of Chris' players - his Oregon man defeated his Michigan man.


1 Chris 3 25 Landen Lucas Kansas 1 6
2 Stu 8 75 Carlton Bragg Kansas 1 7
3 Jake 6 53 Rawle Alkins Arizona 2 8
4 Luke 8 77 Canyon Barry Florida 4 9
5 Bob 2 19 Edrice Adebayo Kentucky 2 10
6 Dan 3 30 Isaiah Hicks North Carolina 1 12
7 Shawn 6 58 Nathan Adrian West Virginia 4 12

Oh, no. Chris had two studs and one dud, his beloved Landen Lucas, who I think had foul trouble, I can't remember and also can't focus on anything except the pounding in my head. Carlton Bragg again. Woof. I am thirsty but can I even walk upstairs for water?

Canyon Barry is a dud, except that his block from behind on the fast break enabled Florida to make a miracle buzzer beater moments later. A hero to some, a dud to others. Like Ronald Reagan, who is the president chess matching with the USSR in FX's The Americans, a really good show.

Had Barry failed, Gav would be moving on with Happ, and challenging Chris, perhaps. Instead he's got two players left, both from teams that Chris has players from: UNC and Gonzaga. The block also meant Chris moves on with 6 of the 7 players he entered the round with. From which he entered. I am so miserable right now, health-wise.

 Brian has a Zag and KU's Mason. Again, Chris has players from those teams. Jake has KU and one Kentucky guy, so he's also stalled out.

It seems the only contender to Chris' catbird seat is James, who could benefit from Xavier bonus points, and get Kentucky points as well. So it might take a Xavier vs Kentucky final. Is it mathematically possible? Maybe, I am very tired and hurt.

The highest scorers have been the bonus players of Blueitt and Happ. Perhaps some others will overtake them.

I am going to eat soup now.

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