Saturday, October 20, 2007

All Feldmans Are Douchebags

Saturday morning's revelations:
  • Snapple's cold, sweetened Earl Grey is delicious.
  • I would like to murder the host of NPR's "Whad'Ya Know?". Fact: this show airs for every moment of the goddamned morning. I spend so much time avoiding it that I usually miss the good NPR programs. Michael Feldman is about as funny as his name. As overcooked rice. As palsy. Fuck that guy.


Molly said...

I went to high school with a Feldman. He wasn't so much of a douchebad as he was a screw loose.

Molly said...

and no, I don't know what a douchebad is, but a imagine it is like a douche bag

Corinne said...

hey, that's show is taped in Chicago, and we were going to go for your birthday.

Corinne said...

what is with my grammar...Molly's influence I suppose.

dn said...

I would rather take the architectural boat ride on the Chicago River while Dave Matthews was in town than go see that goddamn show.

Anonymous said...

I'm very fond of a feldman so fuck you. (My friend Kyle is worth sticking up for, but I admit Michael gets a little stale at times. They cut him from MPR.)

I miss This American Life regularly because I try to avoid a single syllable uttered by Krista Tippet who hosts Speaking of Faith. She speaks in a holier form of poet voice. ugh.