Tuesday, October 09, 2007

This One's For The Ladies In The House

My mettle was tested when I was asked to decided to burn a road trip CD for a handful of sorority alumni. I will take you through my thought process for each track. I've provided a link to Hype Machine for some selections, should you want to find and download those tracks. [Actually, Hype Machine won't load at the moment, so you'll have to figure it out yourself...]

Regina Spektor - On the Radio

"Let's ease into this with a pretty song by a strong female vocalist."

Hot Chip - Shake a Fist

"Oh, snap! You thought this was going to be Lilith Fair? You thought this was going to be easy?! I'm no chump! Strap yourself in for some experimental dance riffs!"

The Fiery Furnaces - Tropical Iceland

"I put this at the #3 slot, so please please please love this song like I do.

Tegan and Sara - Back in Your Head

"Let's get back to some basic pop..."

Beck - Sexx Laws

"...and some funky modern classics."

Lisa Loeb - Do You Sleep?

"Wait, how old are these girls again? Weren't they in 4th grade when this song came out? I don't care if this does push us back to Lilith Fair territory -- the Loeb anthology must not be overlooked."

Eve feat. Gwen Stefani - Let Me Blow Your Mind

"As a reward for relearning 'Do You Sleep', here is some hip-hop that I know you kids are so fond of nowadays."

Liz Phair - Fuck and Run

"Post-collegiate girls up to no good!"

Beastie Boys - Sure Shot

"I want to say a little something that's long overdue: the disrespect to women has got to be through. To all the mothers and the sisters and the wives and friends, I want to offer my love and respect to the end."

Prototypes - Tir aux Pigeons

"Chicks love French stuff."

Le Tigre - Deceptacon

"Let's put two really weird songs back to back..."

The Beatles - Got to Get You Into My Life

"...and cleanse the palate with a swinging ode to pot that was once performed by Joe Pesci."

Destiny's Child - Say My Name

"This song will spark a discussion of previous instances during which men have attempted to 'run game', or when they 'acted kinda shady' with each of the ladies."

Feist - Mushaboom

"It's probably time to play a modern song again."

The Rentals - Friends of P

"Again, I'm showing my age here, but who wouldn't like this song?"

Madonna - Don't Tell Me

"I'm sorry, but I don't own 'Like A Prayer'. This is the best I can do for you."

Franz Ferdinand - Do You Want To

"A little Scottish rock never hurt anyone."

Sheryl Crow - Can't Cry Anymore

"Women must find this empowering, because I find it empowering."

Rilo Kiley - Portions for Foxes

"I think this was used in an episode of 'Grey's Anatomy' once."

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Cheated Hearts

"This would be a good song to play during their 'Thelma and Louise'-like end to their trip."


barbara said...

You were in a sorority? Wha?

barbara said...

What kind of sorority?

dn said...

The CD was made for sorority alumni. I was not in the sorority, nor did I accompany them on the road trip.

Nice attempt to sabotage my image, though.

Gav said...

Where's 'Rape Me'?

Anonymous said...

Dan. Can I get a copy of the CD? I'll send you postage for shipping/handling. I'm not part of a sorority. Never was. Have difficulty spelling it.

My all time favorite memory is of you dancing to Le Tigre.


P.S. I finally graded your religion quiz. You fuckin' rocked it. >90%. Catholics kick mutha-fuckin' ass. (Sorry Jesus for swearing).