Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Who Fucked Out The Feeling?

I keep a notepad on the end table next to my bed, so that I can quickly document any overnight revelations. At 5 a.m. Tuesday, only seconds after waking and still chuckling to myself, I scratched out a short phrase in the darkness: "fucked out face".

In my dream, Shawn used this terminology to describe a young woman's facial expression. He thought that she looked "fucked-out", as in, she was exhausted from all the fucking.

I make this distinction because one may easily interpret "fucked out face" as something far more vulgar or misogynistic. Indeed, I expect that many will find this post while searching Google for examples of this other interpretation.

* * *


Jeff Johnson provides the definition of a great 2.0-era blog post.

The Onion is still great.

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Jenny said...

Don't you have that same outfit in lime green? From when you played the piccolo to the Harry Potter theme song? In last year's talent show?