Saturday, May 10, 2008

Gourmet Supreme Love

I've already sent this article to half my readership, but in honor of tonight's trip to Wichita, here is a Wichita Eagle piece about a local fast food chain:
Time to cut the burger

For at least the third time in Spangles history, a couple wed there last week.

Christy Storm, general manager of the Spangles near 21st and Maize Road, spotted customer Daryl Layton across the restaurant. She was on her way to the bank with her son and asked him to approach Layton to find out whether he was single.

"You're a big girl, mom," her son answered. "You can do it."

But she couldn't. So she persuaded another manager to approach him.

"Hey, there's some girl behind the counter who wants to know if you're married or single," he said.

Layton's son and his buddy teased him all the way home, but he returned the next day for breakfast. And he kept returning, especially for the car shows in the parking lot on Friday nights.

After a couple years of dating, the two decided to wed. Layton wanted to give his bride a church wedding.

But she chose Spangles (or, more accurately, the parking lot of the car show) instead.

"It would mean more for me to do it there because that's where it all started," she said.

As Rene Steven puts it, "It was love at first bite.
What I love about this story is the first line, especially the words "at least". As if they really couldn't remember if it has occured more than 3 times. "Uh, I don't know. I think it's 3, but there might have been an extra wedding or two when the manager was outside on his smoke break."

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Jenny said...

Ray and I wanted so badly to get married at Spangles, but they were booked. Now I feel deceived. Only three weddings? Why wasn't I good enough?