Thursday, May 01, 2008

Tune That Name

(UPDATE: Artist names have been added to aid your guessing.)

I used to post these things on Facebook, but Facebook notes are awkward. So here we are.

This is a list of proper names taken from the lyrics of my music library. If you can identify the which song the name(s) belong to, leave a note in the comments.

1. Anastasia screamed in vain
2. Martin Van Buren, a former president and an abolitionist; James Buchanan, a moderate; Lewis Cass, a general and expansionist. (They Might Be Giants)
3. Chairman Mao
4. son of Tricky Dicky (John Lennon)

5. we can live like Jack and Sally if we want (Blink 182)
6. Billy Shears
7. Kitty Pryde
8. Superman or Green Lantern ain't got nothing on me

9. Yo, plug me in just like I was Eddie Harris
10. the night Sinatra died and the night Jeff Buckley died and the night Kurt Kobain died and the night John Lennon died
11. John Coltrane and the Love Supreme (U2)
12. march down the street like the Duracell Bunny
13. Yoko brought her walrus (Ricky Nelson)
14. I'm Steve McQueen, I'm Jimmy Dean (REM)

15. Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama

16. me and Suzie had so much fun
17. Suzanne, the plans they made put and end to you
18. a bitch named Mandy May (Dr. Dre)

19. a roadie named Bart
20. I don't know you from Adam
21. I'm done with Sergio
22. Little Joe was blowing on the slide trombone (Elvis Presley)
23. sarcastic Mister Know-It-All (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
24. Mister Beer Belly (Paul Simon)
25. Sir Hand, or was it ma'am? (They Might Be Giants)


Anonymous said...

16. Elton John, Crocodile Rock. YES! I got one!


Floyd said...

17. James Taylor, Fire and Rain

19. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Into the Great Wide Open

Anonymous said...

1. Rolling Stones "Sympathy for the Devil"

6. The Beatles "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"

7. Weezer "In the Garage"

21. Jane's Addiction "Jane Says"

- shawn

Anonymous said...

3) Beatles -- Revolution
9) Beastie Boys -- So Whatcha Want
14) REM, but I can't think of which song!!!
15) George Harrison -- My Sweet Lord


casey elizabeth said...

10. Badly Drawn Boy, "You Were Right"
12. Elliott Smith, "Rose Parade"
20. Aimee Mann, "Frankenstein"

dukkillr said...

5. Donovan - "Sunshine Superman"

dukkillr said...

13. Garden Party
22. Jailhouse Rock

Anonymous said...

ok... #24 is 'You Can Call Me Al'.


Anonymous said...

is #4 "Gimme Some Truth"?...


dn said...


2 - "James K Polk"

5 - "Miss You"

11 - "Angel of Harlem". I also would have accepted the live version of "Bullet the Blue Sky"

14 - "Electrolite"

18 - "Bitches Ain't Shit"

25 - "Snail Shell"

dn said...

Oh, and 23 was "Scar Tissue"

Anonymous said...

I completely expected 11 to be that weird 2001 grammy moment for U2's Beautiful Day. But then my pop culture sucks.