Sunday, January 06, 2008


Failed Jokes
First week of 2008

(Everyone is watching football and the occasional segment of "Pterodactyl", the type of quality film you expect the Sci Fi Channel to air.)

TED: You know what else is a bad movie? "The Italian Job".

ME: It's not as good as "The Italian Handjob". It was a Fellini film.

MOLLY: Not as good as "The Italian Blowjob".

ME: "The Italian Blowjob" isn't as good as "The Italian Handjob".

MOLLY: I think a lot of men would disagree with you.

ME: It's just that "The Italian Blowjob" was the sequel, and I think they blew their load on the first one.

TED: (looks down at floor, shakes head)

MOLLY: (raises hand in a gesture of discomfort)

CORINNE AND KIM: (continue to avoid the conversation)


Anonymous said...

I think it was funny. Of course, I'm a sucker for any handjob joke. I'd like my tombstone to indicate that I was the godfather of the handjob joke.


casey elizabeth said...