Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Working For The Weekend

Steps to enjoying the musical stylings of Vampire Weekend:

1. Completely ignore their name.

2. Assume they all went to Columbia on well-deserved scholarships.

3. Pretend they live somewhere less hip than Brooklyn. (I suggest Sacramento, CA or Harrisburg, PA.)

4. Convince yourself you didn't first hear of them through a music blog, but instead from an off-the-cuff, onstage comment made by Bono during the 1992 Zoo TV tour.

5. Imagine all of their material is actually cover versions of never-before-released Paul Simon songs.

You may be able to pick and choose, but I need all five. Now download some tracks and put this advice to good use!


Alison said...

I think, despite everything, I still like Vampire Weekend.

Is it so wrong to hear of a band through a music blog?

dn said...

It is not wrong at all. But if you're like me, the "next big band" thing can get irritating.

I miss discovering bands from the radio. I'm pretty sure those days are gone forever.

Anonymous said...

Is it more or less lame to buy it, not because of a music blog, but you liked the name and poster in the music store window?

A weekend o' vampires--what's not to love?!