Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Last Laugh of the Laughter

Failed Jokes
Final week of 2007 edition

Incident #1: The Birthday Party

ME: You are going to love 28. 27 feels like... a big dump. But 28 feels like... God feels after he comes.


CASEY: (restrained chuckling)

Incident #2: New Year's Eve

ROOM FULL OF PEOPLE: (trying to fool Kim with false Harry Potter information)

TED: Dumbledore is gay

OTHER PEOPLE: The whole Griffindore house is gay. There is a big gay orgy at the end. Etc.

ME: Do you know what spell was cast that turned all the wizards gay? ...FABULATIZE!

ALL: (brief laughter)

ME: (trying to stretch it to a double) ...SODOMIZE!

ALL: (silence, headshaking)

[NOTE: I'm sure I've misspelled some Harry Potter proper nouns. Normally, I look up the correct spellings. In this case, I can't be bothered. Also, the "Other People" didn't really say "etc", but you probably guessed that.]

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casey elizabeth said...

will 2008 be a clean slate? no more "failed" jokes? was i the only one that found both of those jokes funny?

what's wrong with me?