Monday, July 19, 2010

Fire Wheel Jug

Did you know that Chicago's Major League Soccer team is called the Chicago Fire? Did you know that inferno killed around 250 citizens in 1871?

Does it surprise you that a sports club is named after a disaster? A century or so from now, would you expect Lockerbie to name its Rocketgolf team the Pan Am Passengers? Or the Sudanese to name their Hoverball squad the Lost Boys?

* * *

When I pass a semi on the highway, I fixate on the lug nuts on the front wheels.

I imagine each popping off the wheel like a gatling gun, shredding through my car door and torso.

And now you will, too.

* * *

I walk by this image every day. (It is part of a recycling campaign.) It drives me nuts.

Why would she be allowed to take a free shot from beneath the basket? If the game is being played with a plastic milk jug, why is the referee holding a basketball? WHY IF SHE JUST SHOT THE MILK JUG, WHY IS SHE POSED AS IF SHE HAS YET TO SHOOT?


Anonymous said...

1. It's also amazing that Kansas City's MLS team is called the "Wizards", considering their troubled past with practitioners of the black arts.

2. I usually fixate on whether or not the semi is changing lanes as I pass. Probably because of the time Pat and I were run off the highway by a semi changing lanes.

3. Where are the fans? Doesn't anyone support fundamentally sound recycling?


dn said...

You can't blame the fans for not showing up to that farce.

dukkillr said...

Does anyone ever watch women play basketball? Why?

And does anyone else think it looks like dn is officiating?

Floyd said...

Question -- would women's basketball using a milk jug instead of the ball be more or less interesting?

What if the milk jug was full?

Of urine?

And the players were drunk?

I'd probably watch that game.

Adrienne said...

are there still recycling campaigns?

is there still women's basketball?