Thursday, July 15, 2010

Queasy Quotes

I found this on my flash drive and find no record of it in my archives, so...

To meet this brief list's criteria, a film or television quote must:

1.> Initially, be funny
2.> Be co-opted by the dregs of humanity
3.> As a result, cease to be funny

"Yeah baby!"

The inspiration for this list comes from Mike Myers' first Austin Powers movie, a laugh-a-minute juggernaut unleashed upon the world in 1997. Unlike the franchise follow-ups, the original film is still a joy to re-watch, with the exception of this line. Every time I hear it, I think back to one sad morning, watching Kathy Lee exclaim "Yeah baby!" again and again, Regis powerless to stop her.

"Do I make you horny?!" would make the honorable mention list.

"You're so money!" and "Vegas, baby! Vegas!" and "This place is dead anyways."

These lines were hilarious back in the day, when a thin Vince Vaughn delivered them with swagger in "Swingers". Sadly, the American public cannot handle the lines as capably as Mr. Vaughn.

"How you doin'?"

The list's lone television representative comes from Matt LeBlanc's (arguably) finest role, Italian-American Stereotype #1, aka Joey Tribbiani. Joey utters this line to women he wants to have sex with. Your annoying coworker says this line to anyone within earshot.

And I know some would argue that this quote does not meet the first of the aforementioned criteria, but that is elitist. "Friends" wasn't high art, but it was nearly universally accepted as funny until Matthew Perry beat his addiction to painkillers.


What do you know? Vince Vaughn makes another appearance on the list, this time from TBS staple "Old School". I never really understood why people liked to quote "Earmuffs" so much -- that kid putting his hands on his ears isn't nearly as funny as Vaughn claiming he and his friends "are going to get so much ass here, it's going to be sick. I'm talking like crazy boy band ass."

I recently discovered that an acquaintance has taught her child to apply hand-earmuffs on command. How am I ever supposed to find this scene funny again?

I'm sure the list neglects many fine choices -- please add others in the comments.

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Anonymous said...

how about "that's what she said"? ...which has now been co-opted TWICE.