Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Land Of 10,000 Wows!

We visited old pals in Minnesota over the weekend. Wow! What a state!

Bar, our host, grew raspberries and erotic cucumbers in her backyard with great ease!

Water fell from the streams, as if from the sky!

Beautiful flowers grew in parks, as did sculpture!

Theaters were constructed by crazy people!

The crazy theater had an "Endless Bridge" sticking out of it, from which citizenry could admire the mighty Mississippi!

Or, if the citizenry were too poor or dumb to enjoy the bridge, they could mill about the riverbanks like rabble!

All to enjoy free fireworks!

It is truly the land of opportunity, a land I shared with cherished ladies and one man (the grumpy Nye's bartender - my Grumpy's bartender was unironically pleasant).

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