Thursday, March 15, 2012

Liveblog Madness 10

Southern Miss finally missed a few shots in a row - those that JHR didn't block, anyway, and KSU found some unlikely offense by isolating Angel Rodriguez on the right side for drives to the basket. McGruder hit another 3 to take a 51-47 lead.

Colorado State lost. I am 1/1 in writing off teams.

Wisconsin/Montana just started. I am trying to avoid it entirely. The Badgers are brutal to watch; good, sure, but really gross. I respect Bo Ryan's strategy of boring the other team to death, but fuck if I'm going to watch it.

Tied at 51 at the under 8 timeout. Very concerned about KSU's continued strategy of isolating Angel, but since Samuels and Spradling have combined for 2 points, I don't see a better option.

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