Thursday, March 15, 2012

Liveblog Madness 15

Asheville leads by 1 with 10 minutes left. Syracuse is an abysmal 3-22 from three. And I'm just one man here, high as fuck on steroids and jonesing for more food, but Syracuse's problem might be their stubbornness staying in their zone defense. You lost your shotblocker, and the other team is hot on their jump shots - maybe mix it up a little? Against a team where you're bigger and longer at every position?

Pretty warm in here. I am no longer wearing pants.

Long Beach / New Mexico has settled into a good game, even though it feels like there's been 10 traveling calls. Tied with 2 minutes before halftime. NM is drawing a lot of fouls, and could be in good shape to pull away next half. That's just the way it iiiis. God, Bruce Hornsby! "Your dad is the guy who wrote the piano part that Tupac sampled for that one song that my much older brother loved?" --Keith Hornsby's teammates.

5:41 left, Syracuse up 4.

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Liz J said...

And UNCA got screwed....